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During the American occupation in Baghdad in 2003, Chief Officer Roy Miller (Matt Damon) and his team of Army inspectors sent to find weapons of mass destruction are believed to be stored in the desert of Iraq. Tracking a dangerous bomb site, the officers are looking for dangerous chemical agents, but tripped on the obstacles that may invalidate their mission

Troubled by the accelerated schedule of operation, Miller had to chase them through the intelligence agencies and the hidden secret to get a clear answer about the war crimes in the region unstable. And when things heat up even more, Miller found a weapon that most enigmatic of all the truth

Paul Greengrass
Writers (WGA):
Brian Helgeland (written by)
Rajiv Chandrasekaran (book)

(Cast overview, first billed only)

Yigal Naor ... General Al Rawi (as Igal Naor)
Said Faraj ... Seyyed Hamza
Faycal Attougui ... Al Rawi Bodyguard (as Faical Attougui)
Aymen Hamdouchi ... Ayad Hamza
Matt Damon ... Miller
Nicoye Banks ... Perry,etc


Based on the true story of 1987, Matthew Campbell was in treatment for Hodgkins lymphoma at a hospital in northern Connecticut. His family decided to rent a house near the hospital, which was formerly a funeral home. They found a morgue in the basement and the family begins to experience supernatural events that her parents originally thought the stress and hallucinations result from Matt treatments. Matt also had the appearance of a young man. He went to the hospital to get help for his experience. Leadership of the hospital told Matt that the visions and supernatural encounter possible consequences of the previous residents. Character is the man known paranormal sightings involved in the activities of the previous owner and is now bound to control the "spirit" in the house

Director: Peter Cornwell
Writers (WGA):
Adam Simon (written by) &
Tim Metcalfe (written by)

Virginia Madsen ... Sara Campbell
Kyle Gallner ... Matt Campbell
Elias Koteas ... Reverend Popescu
Amanda Crew ... Wendy
Martin Donovan ... Peter Campbell
Sophi Knight ... Mary, etc

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